Wednesday 13 July 2022


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We investigated a little more about what to do with the fridge. It seems that these are treated very much as non-repairable items - or at least most owners do not bother but simply replace but at around £1K it is a shame just to dispose of it when most of it is working fine.

Christine sent some more details to the spares compony that we have been put in touch with including some photos  but they do not really have any technical expertise in the products. However they did send us a spares list and said Take Your Pick! We now have their price for the two items which come to almost a third of the replacement cost. Also, they do not have a lot of demand so have to obtain them with a delivery expected 7 - 10 days!

Mike took a further look at the actual fittings and compared with the minimal manual. We are assuming that replacing the door is very much like changing it from left to right handed. He also took several more photos for reference.

In the process he discovered that he does not have the tool for undoing the various bolts involved. So, we included B and Q in an itinerary for the da

We set off towards Southport and our sat nav did take us through quite a bit of the town's suburbs! A very helpful chap in the store took one look at our photo and diagnosed a TORX screwdriver. As we did not know the exact size needed he directed us to a multi size set which turned out to be much the same price as just one of the full size drivers!
We drove into Southport looking for a suitable parking - none of it is free (ahh!) - and ended up on the main esplanade. Southport is an unusual resort as the main stretch is a little inland with no view of the sea.

Time was moving on and so we walked along the main shopping street. On our two previous visits (Christine was last here in 2019 when Mike was away in York) we had found a good selection of eating places with choice for a snack lunch we wanted, rather than a main meal. There was a wide range of shops and the place felt quite vibrant. Today was rather different, subdued and with a surprising number of vacant shop units. Food choices were especially limited - either burgers/fish 'n chips or multi course large meals. Eventually we found just one place offering sandwiches - no paninis anywhere. This was a cafe alongside Christ Church Southport. The sandwiches were well prepared and the service efficient and friendly, unlike a nearby place that we first tried but which had 'run out' of our main choices and were decidedly unkeen to take an order!

We returned to the car - we had only paid for two hours! We then drove through the smaller villages back to Hesketh Bank and Tarleton. We had hoped to visit Old Rufford Hall to find a place to skit in their gardens, using our National Trust membership. Alas they are presently not open on Wednesdays and Thursdays! On then to a wildlife centre we visited in the past but their car park charge was £4 even for a short visit. Cutting our losses we headed straight back to the boat for a leisurely read for the rest of the afternoon.

Sorry, but we did not find anything to photo for this blog . . .

. . . but just in case you are missing the images her is a close up of a broken fridge door (taken from above)! See, we do think of you, dear readers.

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