Sunday 17 July 2022

Burscough Church

No navigation today

It took us some time to look up details of the several church all about the same distance from where we are moored. None were in walking distance and several only had rather early times. If we were in normal cruising mode then we would probably have opted for an earlier rather than a later time especially as none were at our preferred time of around 10 - 10.30, which normally gives us time to change and set off for a short distance before lunch. Today was also forecast to be increasingly hot although the really hot weather is not due until tomorrow.

In the end we opted for the parish church in Burscough which has its main family oriented service at 11. We have been before when we came here in 2013 on Take Five.

The service was very much like last time -  a band of five musicians led the singing, rather more up tempo than we wrote in 2013. Apart from one leader, everything else was very well prepared including a tightly scripted talk (sermon). As might be expected with this style of church, all the words were displayed on screens. To`day there were around 70 people - few children as most go off to their own event in the church hall. (The above picture was taken when we arrived before most people had taken their seats!)

In the intervening time, at least one of us is less keen now on standing still for long periods and we do think that this church ought to think a bit more about their assessment of inclusion needs when asking the congregation to stand for 20 minutes at a time!

We then drove back to the boat where we stayed for the rest of the day! We were too hot to do much and as soon as we had lunch, Mike set about preparing the roast for the evening. Alas, the item that took the longest was the stuffing to accompany the pork but it languished unforgotten in the fridge until the meal was served! Ah well, it will go well with the cold pork another night.

Later, as the sun had just set, we did manage a short walk along the towpath but even at 9:30 it was very warm. However, we did manage to encourage sufficient air flow that we did not stifle overnight.

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