Wednesday 17 January 2024

Winter Checkup

Yesterday we made a brief visit to Alchemy just to be sure that no adverse effects of the winter had occurred! For the  most part all was well but we did discover why diesel was disappearing when we thought that the heating system was turned off. This was due to a mis-reading of the not-always-user-friendly small user guide for Heat Miser! The result was that we had left it on frost stat settings that were not visible on the control panel. Hopefully we have now corrected that.

We took the opportunity to make sure that the drainage channels around the rear deck board were clear of leaves as this can lead to quite a lot of rainwater spilling into a engine bay. The bays themselves were almost dry and there were few leaves trapped in the channels but in the past6 this has been a problem.

In the process of all this we discovered yet again the willingness of boaters to look after each other. Thanks folks!

On the way back we called on a friend who now lives in Cheltenham and had a lovely light lunch with her. Alas, after an otherwise good journey back, with about five miles to go, something (we know not what) happened that led to our front left wheel hitting a kerb and the wing being reshaped by a tree! Fortunately we were only going at 20 mph around a series of tight bends and no human was damaged in the process. Hence we are temporarily car-less and can only get into town by taxi. A night to forget especially as it was very cold and icy indeed.