Tuesday 19 July 2022

Old Rufford Hall

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If today's blog title confused you because it is the same as yesterday's, that is because the day was very similar - mostly differentiated by (a) a few degrees hotter and (b) the chapters of the books we were both reading and (c) Jannock moved a short way up the canal towards Burscough.

Christine took a short walk along the towpath to look at the lilies.

We changed the menu for tonight and tomorrow around, partly as we will be a bit busier tomorrow, with Mike on a Zoom meeting most of the morning and also so that Mike could prepare tonight's meal this morning leaving us rather less to do if washed out in the heat later on!

After a slightly early lunch we went back to Old Rufford Hall, warmly greeted by some of the staff we chatted to yesterday - they have not been very busy at all.

This time we found an even more shaded (nearly wrote shadier but that might be misconstrued!) very much in the shade provided by the canopy of this quite large tree.

After a couple of hours reading we went again to the tea room - just as welcome as yesterday. After finishing our pot of tea and scones there was still time for another shorter time for reading until we realised that everyone else had already left and we were in danger of being locked in for a night in the car park

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