Saturday 9 July 2022

Out of Liverpool

Today's Navigations - Liverpool Link, Leeds and Liverpool

Today was our booked date for leaving Salthouse Dock and returning back the way we came. and although it had rained a little overnight was grey when we awoke, the sky cleared quickly and we had bright blue skies for the rest  of the day.

The start time, from Mann Island Lock just around the corner was 8 am and Sid had made it clear that we should not be late! In fact, we readied ourselves to head for the bridge into Albert Dock and let go just as the clock on the Liver Building said 7.45. Although we were the first away, others started soon after.

The Mann Island Lock was set ready for us and we were able to go straight in. Soon after the net boat arrived but it was a wide beam so could not join us. We waited and waited with no sign of a lock buddy so we prepared to go through, despite Sid's strict instructions to wait for someone. No sooner had we started but Sid arrived and sharply told us to wait - another boat was coming! In fact it was still some minutes before Leo arrived!  Never mind - they made excellent companions, we had much in common as far as boating is concerned. They too are going across to the Lancaster, but a day later although returning on the same day.

In between the three tunnels on the section to Princes Lock there are good views of the iconic buildings and we could get a better close up of the tower we climbed yesterday.

Leaving Princes Lock.

There was then a brief, partial glimpse of the latest cruise ship that had arrived in the early hours of this morning.

On the way in. we were not sure what was being built here but we now know that this will be the new Isle of Man Ferry Terminal.

The wind was blowing quite strongly although not as much as on the way in. But it was a direct head wind and we noticeably slowed as we made our way through Sid's Ditch.

At Victoria Tower we turned right and could see another construction site - again we now know that this is the new Everton football arena, somewhat controversial but in an area that really did need something exciting doing with it.

The wind was now sideways and it took a little care as we headed towards the low and narrow bridge immediately below the four Stanley Dock locks.

There was not as large a team of volunteers as when we arrived but those on the rota today were just as friendly and helpful. However, we did have to work some of the locks ourselves.

We emerged from the top lock and turned onto the main line of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Most of the features we noted on the way in. but this time did manage a better picture of Irlam House. But the sunshine could not hide the fact that the building is sorely in need of a renovation and once again to be used.

We made as good as pace as we could because we knew that, even without any delays, it would be past 1 o'clock before we reached Handcock's Swing Bridge which is closed to boaters from 2 until 6.

We were very much in need of an elsan point and the service block at Litherland is the only option before Burscough. We emptied our three cassettes and left as quickly as possible - it has not improved!

One further swing bride before our check point - Netherton. As we came in to the side at the bridge landing just before the bridge we picked up rubbish on our prop, losing almost all control. It seemed inevitable that we would crash into the bridge but in the end came to a halt just in time. However, with no ability to keep the  boat in position we were soon blown to the opposite bank where even more rubbish had been deposited.

Mike managed to clear the prop - a piece of carpet was the worst offender but there was plenty else including some thick wire! Not all had been cleared but we made reasonable progress and arrived at Handcock's with 40 minutes to spare.

We moored for lunch as soon as were through. More rubbish collected around the prop in the process and before setting off again, another trip down the weed hatch was needed with a further miscellany of detritus. Although slightly less volume it took over twice as long to remove as little came away in one piece. It was a matter of attrition,

We were aiming to reach Maghull for our next mooring so that we could walk to the parish church in the morning.

The isolated Holmes swing bridge was much kinder to our prop and we were able to tie up at the same spot as on the way in in good time.

13.8 Miles - 6  Locks

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