Wednesday 20 July 2022

Fettlars Wharf Marina

Today's Canal - Rufford Branch

We awoke to a day definitely much cooler than the past two. There was even quite a breeze much of the time. Mike had a Zoom meeting in the morning  - he is now officially a Waterways Chaplain having completed his probationary period. Christine took the time to sort out clothes to take back as by the time we return to the boat it is likely that hot weather clothes will be a minority interest.

Late morning we were ready to leave - but first we pushed across to the service block to empty the elsan and dispose of rubbish. Also, Christine had discovered that she needed a third box to pack  the clothes into!

We set off on the short journey today, back to Fettlars Wharf where the boat will remain for most of the next five weeks.

Half way and we passed through the final swing bridge for this trip - again quite an easy one to operate. Mike later saw a single hander coming through - not a common sight at the moment. 

The final fixed bridge on the canal before the turn into the marina is the back road from Parbold into Rufford - probably the way we return home tomorrow.

This time the marina staff were ready with a pontoon number even before we reached the service mooring. It seems that we have been allocated a space in the posh end!

After lunch while Christine  completed the usual end-of-trip clean through, Mike walked back to Spark bridge to collect the car, just over a mile away. He was really glad that we were not still in yesterday's heatwave! On the way to the marina he went into Burscough (OK, so it is not really 'on the way'!) for some rolls to make our packed lunch for tomorrow. Whilst we have been away the last part of the landscaping of our new garden was completed so that will be good to see - we have been sent photos but that is not the same.

1.0 Miles - 0 Locks

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