Thursday 21 October 2021

Shrub Hill

 Today's Canal - Worcester and Birmingham

We wanted to be nearer to the station and also somewhere a bit more convenient for a visitor by car so we started the day by moving a short distance, up through Sidbury and Blockhouse locks to a 2 day mooring close to Bridge 5. There is a pay-for car park right alongside the canal and it is a walk of perhaps 10 minute to Foregate Street Station.

The former Lock Cottage at Blockhouse has an estate agent's board outside. The details confirm, as is so often the case, that the accommodation is not spacious but in this case has a cellar which has been converted into bedroom space, although it is not clear how they claim four bedrooms. The guide price is £250,000. No use getting enthusiastic as the web site also indicates that it has already been sold subject to contract!

A slightly better mooring is about 100 m away but it was fully occupied by three boats taking advantage of the fact that there appear to be no time restrictions (other than the default 15 days) here. The disadvantage of the marked mooring (2 day limit) where we did stay is that we know from previous visits that there is a lot of underwater debris close to the edge and the boat will end up being about 300 mm from it.

Our visitor arrived just after 11 and we had coffee and chat on the boat until she and Christine went off to find somewhere for a bit to eat. We had checked out the tea room at the Commandery and, although their service is at the moment quite limited, it did look as though it would be good quality and so it proved and also warm enough when sitting outside. Our visitor used to be a neighbour in Wadebridge and moved away a couple of years ago having lost her husband (whom Mike knew well) very suddenly four years back. She and Christine had a good opportunity to catch up and share news.

Meanwhile Mike had a quick lunch on the boat before setting off to walk to the station. He has an appointment in Devizes with our dentist at 8:30 tomorrow morning so will go home and stay there for the night.

A short train ride of nine minutes took him to Droitwich station. It is over a mile and a half to the marina and he normally books a taxi when doing a car shuffle as time is usually important. There is no taxi rank at the station and the local companies that take telephone bookings usually have quite a waiting time. When travelling from a distance it is usually OK to book when on the train but tat was not helpful today. Mike also was not sure which train he would arrive on as there were numerous cancellations of mid day trains as a result of train crew shortages (or so the notices say!)

It was also a pleasant sunny day so Mike opted for a walk - it takes about 38 minutes. There car was already there as we could not leave it at Sherbourne Wharf in Birmingham where we started this trip.

The journey back home was uneventful and the house was warm from the day's sunshine.

0.5 Miles - 2 Locks

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