Friday 22 October 2021


 Today's Canal - Worcester and Birmingham

Mike had to set the alarm so as not to miss his somewhat early appointment at 8:30. We are still not sure about when the town centre becomes traffic bound - sometimes is clear but occasionally there is a queue almost as soon as we leave our estate. Today there was nothing around so he was in good time at the dentist. She was a little late in starting her list (Mike was the first patient) but still managed to complete this phase of some very expensive treatment within the allotted 45 minute slot. This is the first time in our lives that we have failed to be able to sign up to an NHS dentist but none are available in the own and for some distance around. It is still a shock to the system to have make a private arrangement!

After filling up with very much more expensive fuel than two weeks ago and also popping in to a bed specialist to pick up some information of interest to Christine, he set off on the return trip. This time he was no quite so fortunate as the Air Balloon roundabout was causing a particularly long tail back, adding perhaps a quarter of an hour to the time. Apart from that he was back at the marina around noon and as he again had not been able to be confident enough of the timing to book a taxi, walked back to the station, this time doing the first part along the canal towpath. It is nit a shorter route but much the more interesting!

Fortunately the next train due after he reached the station was still running - again there seemed to be a lot of cancellations. After the short walk from Foregate to the boat he was in time for only a slightly late lunch!

Meanwhile, Christine had been doing a serious amount of cleaning and was ready for an alternative! She had seen yesterday some reduced-price gilets of the type currently favoured by Mike (both for boat and home life) in a shop called Trespass. Mike only took a little persuasion and, in the ended, opted for both of the items that Christine had identified, one for the boat and one for home.

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