Wednesday 27 October 2021


 Whilst it was not the best of days for it, the day kept sufficiently dry to allow Mike to make more progress with patching up the paintwork. The worst section that he has been tackling was the front deck locker, together with part of one of the stern lockers. A few of t4he other small defects were also included but there is much more that could be done. Inevitably the greatest wear will be in the two deck areas as they get a lot of traffic and the unseemly dumping of mooring chains, windlasses etc.

Christine worked solidly on a thorough clean from front to back doors. Now, a keen reader of this blog, might be wondering why she did this so soon after a similar exercise was noted last Friday. It was only somewhat later that she drew attention to the fact that she did very little cleaning that morning as most of the time was taking up with sorting out a shortfall in Mike's medication, which he ought to have spotted rather earlier. It was also not resolved by accessing the remainder of his stock back at home - the main item missing was also missing there. At least, GPs and Pharmacies are much better connected these days and it is as easy for the GP to send the prescription to a different pharmacy as it is to the default one listed on their database.

We might have taken time out to pop into town for one or two shopping items but this week there is a complete closure of the road from the marina. Repairs to the road where it passes under the M5 seem to make it not possible to do one side at a time. The best diversion is still about 15-20 minutes extra! We knew in advance that this was happening so we stocked up in Worcester on that basis. Nevertheless, our stores are now well depleted which at least means less to load into the car for the return trip!

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