Tuesday 26 October 2021

Back to the Marina

Today's Canals - Worcester and Birmingham, Droitwich

Last night Mike spotted a milestone that he has missed before, just the other side of the bridge where we moored. So he walked back before we left to take a picture for his database.

As well as the usual distance inscription it had a dedication on the top which is somewhat enigmatic! What is the story, we wonder?

The bridge too is unusual in that it has at some time been covered in a cement rendering. Then, more recently, a protective mesh has been fixed, seemingly to stop bits falling off into the water or people. Look closely and we can see that the mesh has indeed had to fulfil this role as quite a bit has been collected in several places. If it were not for the render and mesh, it would be tempting to think that the damage was the result of impact but clearly it is some inherent defect in the brickwork itself.

It was rather raw - more a combination of a fresh breeze and dampness in the air than actual temperature - as we set off.

We only had just under three miles to go which we took at a steady pace, reluctant to bring this year's cruising to a probable end. We called at Bridge 35, just before Hanbury Junction as we aw that their price for diesel w\as, in today's market, very reasonable. We take the view that we should keep the tank full over the winter. Yes, we know that there are alternative views! It also gave us a chance to see what range of chandlery they have.

As we turned the corner at the junction we could ahead that there was a volunteer lock keeper on duty! Because of the number of hire boats out on short trips and also that the three locks have functioning side ponds, there are volunteers here comparatively frequently. Toady there were three who happily worked us down in smooth succession. Alas, that lock may well be the last for this year so enjoy it whilst you can!

We turned into the marina and made for our mooring. Mike made his turn to reverse back into the allotted space and allowed for the effect of wind - at that stage there was none. Just as we were aligned with the pontoon - and sideways to the wind - a sudden gust blew us further down the marina so there was no choice but to turn and try again. This time, expecting to drift sideways with the prevailing wind, a complete change in its trisection meant that we had to make a third attempt which, much to Mike's relief, was successful and this time we glided into our space seemingly effortlessly. That is, unless you had witnessed the previous hopeless attempts!

Mike had hoped to resume the paintwork and. after lunch he indeed did that only to be thwarted by the arrival of  fine drizzle in the air which meant that he was only able to do a fraction of what he had planned. Well, that is his excuse and he is definitely sticking by it! Maybe tomorrow - who knows!

3.2 Miles - 3 Locks

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  1. So how much was the diesel, I have used them when passing and found them competitive