Monday 25 October 2021


Today's Canal - Worcester and Birmingham

It was till not fully light as we awoke and it took some time for the weather to show its proper colours for the day.

We had moored opposite the sports centre. Two walls are painted a bright yellow. Whilst this does make the building stand out, it is perhaps a pity that a shade as chosen that just does not fit the palette of its surroundings.

After about 20 minutes we arrived at the first of today's locks - Blackpole. A boat which had passed us a little before we set off was still completing its ascent. We could see that they tied up on the top lock landing to shut the gate - they also came back to draw a paddle for us and cheerily waved.

After passing through Tolladine Lock - another separated out about 20 mins - we reached the bottom of the six lock Offerton Flight where the locks are all close together.

We could now see that the boat ahead of us was stuck on the bottom of a rather low pound. After bringing the boat into the lock, Christine went ahead to let some water down from the next pound. 

Mike held off filling the lock as this would only make it harder for the other boat. They seemed rather lost as to what to do so Mike went up to see if he could help. With some direction and a bit of a lever from Mike with their boat pole, they eventually were re-floated and on their way.

There was then another rather inexperienced crew on a boat coming down so Mike had to hover rather gingerly to avoid the same fate and become stuck on the mud.

After that we had a straight forward run through the rest of the flight - the boat ahead by now was making much better progress as the upper pounds were gradually closer to be full - the long pound above the flight was fine.

We stopped for lunch on the signed moorings just away from the worst of the motorway noise even though we only had a short distance to our planned overnight stop.

Following our lunch break we completed our schedule and moored in a familiar spot, opposite the charming hamlet of Oddingley with its distinctive church.

Mike spent the rest of the afternoon making a start of some of the paint touching up that is needed. We may not be able to hide all of the chips and a few of the rust patches but at least it will perhaps extend the life of the cabin paintwork for another season. 

4.0 Miles - 8 Locks

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