Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Masking and Engine

We asked Phil for a shot of the masking prior to applying the non slip paint to the roof and elsewhere, just out of interest, really as we have never seen it close up for real before.

He also sent a picture of the engine in its box, being checked but where it will live for another couple of weeks until it is fitted. This is one of the last items to be done. Once in place it becomes substantially more difficult (never easy anyway) to work in the engine bay - and there is quite a lot there to install and check out.

OK, so it is just a picture of an engine in a box, but you cannot imagine how exciting that is when eagerly, if impatiently, waiting for a new boat to be completed.

130 litres of diesel has been put into the fuel tank for testing. At the moment, this was to test the heating system - only two things run off the diesel tank, Webasto and Beta! The report was that it is now very toasty working inside the cabin!

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