Monday, 6 March 2017

Getting Closer

The flooring cannot be finalised until the boat is afloat and after Phil has had a chance to adjust the ballast - which, of course, is under the floor. However, in order to reduce the amount of work needed to be done in the week between launch and handover, he arranged with the flooring contractor (whom we met on an earlier visit to Stafford) to come and cut all the pieces to size, dry laying them to check it all out, but then come back in three week's time to glue it all in place.

As you can see, we eventually opted for the additional cost of diagonal laying - the material is about the same, although a little more wastage, but a lot more in labour costs. At the time we had to make a decision, Phil had shown us photos of a previous boat which he had laid this way and persuaded us that it will look much better. From this photo, it certainly looks very smart indeed.

Incidentally, we have probably not mentioned it before but you may be wondering about the two 'trap' doors in the cabin floor - you can see one in the left foreground and the other can just be seen under where the table will go in the dinette. No, theses are not for underwater diving! Instead, they are shallow wine, beer or cider stores so that bottles can be kept cool and not occupying other precious cupboard space!

The second photo is not very clear about what Phil wanted to show us (Alchemy is to the right of the picture) but his painter had been in on Saturday and made good progress with the non-slip areas of paintwork, especially on the roof but also on the gunnel and other side areas used when stepping on or off the boat.

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