Wednesday 29 March 2017

Handover Minus Two

We drove up from Cornwall today. We wanted to have as much time as possible tomorrow to get our 'stuff' on board if not unpacked. So we had a slowish start - most of the car had been packed the previous evening, just to make sure we knew how to get everything in. Just as well we had already transported two car loads as this trip was quite full!

The journey was reasonably quiet and even the long roadworks just south of Birmingham and the Junction between M5 and M6 were moving well.

We called at the boat just to see how things were progressing and also to check where we can unload from tomorrow without too much of a walk. Sorry no photos but not worked how to do that with just a phone and tablet!

Most of the final items are complete. The window liners are in and looking really splendid. Phil does have a problem with the locks to the privacy doors which we discovered last week. Turns out that the ones supplied came with 'pins' for thinner doors and, unusually, not ones that are cut to size in situ. He therefore awaits the correct ones but they come from Italy! (Note: must make sure we get them before the Break shutters come down!)

We also had a short term issue: Christine noticed that the fridge, which should be a larder fridge as we have a separate freezer, appeared to have its own freezer space. This would diminish the reason for having two separate items and Phil undertook to investigate. He emailed later that Aquatic had explained that it has a removable ice box so is really OK.

We retired quickly to check in at the same Travelodge as last week. Later we drove back into town to collect some salads from Morrison's for our evening meal. They were as good as last week but the bags of hot cooked chicken bits and Cumberland sausage were a bit of a disappointment.


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  2. Getting exciting folks!
    The phone tablet photo thing. I use Google photos app on phone and app on tablet they both sync seemlessly, you can download them to either. There is an assistant that does funky things to your photos that you can chose or scrap, even auto stitched several photos together. I rate it

  3. Mike what fridge is it with a removable ice box please

  4. Sorry - missed your comment at the time. Ours is a Waeco fridge and it turns out that the information from Aquafax was incorrect. Although other models have this feature, the one that Phil had ordered for us (and the whole layout is dependent on it) is a new model and on closer inspection of the installation booklet revealed that it is no longer removable. If you need further details then contact Aquafax direct - I am sure that they now have the up to date info! We were left with a choice of either keeping the model with the freezing compartment or the only full size drawer - for cutlery etc.