Thursday 23 March 2017

Launch Day - Part Two

We overtook the wagons on the A34 dual carriageway so were able to see both arrive at Stone Boat Building. The entrance is alongside a lock and at a sharp angle but both drivers have been here before.

By now the rain was quite heavy - some of which made it onto both camera lenses!

The process here was much the same as before to get the boat into the air but in reverse.

From here, the boat soared, just missing a parked vehicle as well as one of the boatyard sheds!

Eventually, nb Alchemy made its first contact with the water. It floated! Phil was quick to dash inside to check that there were no obvious leaks - glad to report he emerged smiling.

We had to 'hire' two gas bottles from the Chandlery - this is how Calor work - as the lease agreement is directly with ourselves so Phil could not arrange them in advance.

The diesel tank also had to be filled (the water tank had already been filled before leaving Stone) so that Phil could adjust the ballast.

We then walked into Stone for a quick lunch at the Poste of Stone Weatherspoons before returning to sit down with Phil to discuss the final invoice arrangements and the list of agreed extras (no surprised) as well as go through the boat from end to end in detail to prepare a snagging list.

Leaving Phil to get on with the list we walked along the towpath back to the town to find a place for a cup of tea and to chew over the events of the day as well as think about arrangements for next weekend , the handover and the maiden voyage!


  1. Well done folks she looks splendid. You will certainly have some glorious days cruising on her no doubt.