Tuesday, 28 February 2017


A couple of months ago we ordered two Captain's Chairs, with stools, same as those we had from Wilsons on Take Five. We had to opt for a different colour as the blue which we had before is no longer available. In any event, it would not have matched the overall colour scheme palette for Alchemy.

We arranged for them to be delivered directly to Stem to Stern. At the time of ordering we were still working to the original schedule of early March for launch but that was later changed and is now fixed for 22nd. (Hopefully that will still stay fixed as we have booked into Travelodge for the night before so we can see the boat being collected at 9 am!)

Phil threatened to use the chairs for coffee/lunch breaks but the photos indicate that he has added warning notices to anyone tempted!

There is not a lot of change in the main cabin from our last set of photos but the latest progress report says the boat painter returned at the weekend to start the remaining work to the roof and hand rails which should be completed next weekend. The stove surround is due to be tiled later this week and the engine should by now have arrived. 

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