Monday, 20 February 2017

More Pix

Now that Andrew's photos have arrived here is the promised second blog with some further details.

The main water pump and accumulator are under the front left hand bunk, although the primary shut off valve will be under the steps for easier access.

The side panel is principally to provide the access to the cassette which will pull out for emptying.

The front cabin was planned to have a fin rad under one bunk but Phil found that what he had expected to use is no longer available. Instead he has laid  this set of pipes which should do the same thing. The heat will emerge through a floor level vent as would have happened with the fin rad.

This is the dinette. The red arrow indicates the location of the freezer which will be accessed via a lift off lid with a flush ring pull. The green arrow shows the vent for the heat from the freezer. To the right, the blue arrow is one of the stowage lockers that will also be accessed from the top. Further stowage will be under the main section but that is yet to be done.

Another bathroom picture.

The main cabin looking aft

In the engine bay, the Webasto diesel water heater for the radiators and the hot taps.

Alongside the main horizontal calorifier is the main accumulator.

We had quite a discussion about further storage in the front cabin. Previously we had planned on a couple of high level cupboards along the cab sides as well as the main units above the foot end of the bunks. However, Phil suggested that these might look over-powering and we then thought about at least a couple of shelves on the front wall. In the end, we decided not to add anything as we agreed with the point about the looks. 

It is planned that these bunks will be a good sitting place whilst cruising (at least for the non-steerer!) with the aim of being able to look out through the font doors. We considered options for a removable infill under the cupboards to act as a back support but in the end have provisionally decided just to look for a large bean bag instead!

This is the front deck. The arrow indicates the water filler which is much more accessible than before. We also checked out that the X hose and box will fit through this opening. There will be a floor above the bow thruster tube but we did also talk about how to fit in an anchor. We will need to let Phil have dimensions as soon as possible so that he can construct the floor with a drop down section that will hold the anchor securely.

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