Wednesday 7 September 2016

What's in a name?

Since you have arrived at this new blog you will have already worked out that Alchemy is something to do with the name we have opted for. Choosing a name for a new boat was never going to be easy - when you buy a second hand boat there is at least the existing name to take on - of course it can be changed and no-one really seems to think that doing so brings bad luck anymore!

Christine was clear from the start that it would not be Take Five - why? - you will just have to ask her! So some discussion was necessary - which we put off for some time. Eventually, Mike suggested that something to do with gold might be a start point as it will be delivered a few months before our golden wedding anniversary! (Yuk, I know it is sentimental . . .)

After throwing around a number of options, Christine came up with Alchemy as something that turns base metal into gold. Now whether this speaks of the steel used to fabricate the shell or the qualities of the future owners is a matter for you to decide.

So that's the working title - until we get to the point at which the sign writing has to be done - probably in February - we can still change our minds. There are others with this name but that is always going to be the case unless one opts for something non-traditional (ie naff!). Please do leave any better ideas on the comments - the only thing we will lose is this blog name and that is the easiest bit of anything to change!

After a little more blogging to bring us up to date, we hope to include some photos as the build progresses.

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