Thursday, 29 September 2016

Another Update from Sheffield

We had a phone call from Phil yesterday evening after his planned visit to Sheffield. He had expected, following updates last week, that he would be inspecting a completed shell, ready to sign off so that we could make a stage payment and thus release the shell for shipment to Stafford on Friday.

As you will be able to see from the photos which Phil also sent us, progress was not as far as had been expected and a revised date has been set for shipment next Thursday.

Of course this is disappointing, as much for Phil as for ourselves, but at the same time the quality of work does seem to Phil to be of the expected high standard. The more custom parts, such as the semi trad stern where we have requested some differences from what they normally deliver, are being done by Jonathon Wilson himself. (That's him in the last photo - we have not met him but Andrew has!)

You can just make out the start of the structure to form steps up from the deck to the roof which is the main feature that we want, based on our previous experience. There are numerous situations when this is useful but most especially allows Mike to operate a lock on his own if necessary and also as back up if Christine encounters a particularly difficult paddle or gate when Mike is on the tiller. (Lock ladders, whilst not traditional and installed for safety reasons, do make lock operation much easier)

Since we understand that the crane and transport have been now booked for next Thursday, it is fingers crossed that all will be well and that the fitting out stage can begin in earnest. However, at this stage the last thing that we want - and Phil is keen on this as well - is for the finishing to be skimped as this can make all the difference between an OK shell and a really good one. Guess which we would prefer!

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