Sunday 11 September 2016

Keel Laid

With Phil off on his annual hols there was little we could progress in the remaining part of August. Just as well, really, as we had two and a bit weeks of hard labour - aka looking after two grand daughters. Also just as well that we know quite a lot of interesting but free places to visit otherwise it would have been a big dent in wallets! We really do not know how holidaymakers with families ever manage to afford a week in Cornwall given the admission prices some places charge!

Seriously, we had a great time, including a couple of woodland BBQs and even some days warm enough to spend on the beach!

As soon as Phil returned he headed off to Newcastle-under-Lyme and took a look at how the shell was coming along. He sent us three photos - hopefully the first of a whole library yet to come!

It was rather a relief to see actual progress being made rather than just ideas on paper. There is now a real prospect that we will actually have a new boat next year!

What was a surprise was to learn that Tyler Wilson will only be doing the heavy metal bashing part of the work at Newcastle-under-Lyme. When the structure is complete - hull and cabin - they will transport it up to Sheffield to finish it and put the first primer on before it is then delivered to Stafford. Presumably there are different skills involved that make the extra transportation worth it.

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