Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Shell progress

We had a telephone update yesterday from Phil which also gave us the chance to raise two or three queries as a result of Andrew's feedback last week.

We were concerned about the method for attaching fenders and would have preferred the gunwale edge solution on Take Five but after consulting Jonathon Wilson it seems that we are too late as he has already cut in the holes for recessed fender eyes in the hull sides, below the gunwale level. We will have to live with them!

Andrew captured a sketch of the bow thruster locker (see earlier blog) but Christine was concerned about how this impacted on the bow seating. The sketch looked different from the photos. We tired to get a feel for it by setting it out on our bedroom floor! Phil had a discussion both with Christine and the builder - he was satisfied that the outcome will meet Christine's expectations. After all, it is she who more frequently sits at the front! (Oh dear, there will be trouble when she reads this)

We were also assured that the thruster locker (absent an actual bow thruster unit!) will be able to house an anchor and that the access lid will be sufficiently large for this purpose. Christine was also re-assured that the tube is sufficiently strong not to be damaged - it turns out that it is made from thicker steel than the hull sides!

The current estimate is that the shell will be ready to be transported to Stafford on Friday next week but Phil will make another visit on Wednesday, a week today, to check the finished product so that we can release the money to unlock the factory doors when the lorry comes to collect it!

The schedule then has about two weeks for the ballast and floor to be laid before it is worth us visiting. This next visit will, however, be quite crucial as it will be the point at which most of the major layout decisions will be fixed and then no going back! Since the windows will already be cutout in Sheffield, there is only limited scope for moving any bulkheads but there are plenty of details within that yet to be settled.

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