Sunday, 11 September 2016

Update on Build Schedule

We have now had further details on the shell build schedule. It is expected that the work at Newcastle will be complete by 9th and that the part complete shell will be moved on Monday 12th. We had been concerned to try to arrange a visit before this, in order to check out what is to be done on the semi trad. We have sent photos of Take Five in order to describe what we are looking for, but not to be copied slavishly. We expect the fabricator (as with the builder later) always to use their experience to point out anything we ask for that is ill-advised. It is also the case that this is an industry not noted for an excess of paperwork, with a lot of the details being worked out in situ! Our main concern is to replicate the extra steps that allow ready access to the roof - we found this addition to Take Five to be one of the more useful things that we did. It makes considerable difference when we are boating on our own - even more so when Mike is effectively single-handing.

When it comes to the internal layout, the first step after the floor is laid is to mark out much of the design. This is when a lot of the important decisions that will affect the effectiveness of the design when in use can be made or reviewed.

However, it seems that the latest plan from Tyler Wilson is that the semi-trad work will now be done in Sheffield - presumably they have the skills there to deal with the  more bespoke aspects of the construction. If all goes well, then the shell should be on its way to Stafford between 21st and 23rd of September.

This is really good news for the project timescale but unfortunately means that we will be unable to trek up to Sheffield in order to assess the trad stern before it is too late to tweak it. Fortunately we have managed to persuade Andrew to go up on 16th together with Phil so that the shell can be 'signed off'. We will have to be satisfied with seeing photos remotely . . .

In anticipation of this being successful, we have now been sent an invoice so that Tyler Wilson will release it to Stem to Stern! At least at that point will be the proud owners of a hunk of steel!

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