Thursday 19 October 2017

Grindley Brook

Today's Canal - Shropshire Union

W had a target of reaching the Whitchurch Arm by late morning as Mike was booked on a train for a trip back to Cornwall for a meeting tomorrow.

By the time Mike left, the promised rain had arrived and he had a mile and a third walk into town and then out to the station. His coat was somewhat wet in the process. However he had a six hour journey involving three trains so that most dried out by the time hew reached Bodmin Parkway. The first two trains were on time but that last one was delayed about 20 minutes by the high winds and stormy seas along the Dawlish section where the line runs only a few metres from the sea. He had arranged with a friend to pick him up - just as well as the last bus had long since left and it was raining hard here as well. Even the local chippies had closed by the time he reached home so it was a trip up to Tesco for a ready made pizza!

Meanwhile, Andrew and Christine continued on the the Grindley Brook locks, not least because they needed to use the services here. It was not far but by the time they arrived, Andrew, steering, was well soaked but they decided to go down the locks anyway.

At the bottom they were both soaked so pulled in to the first mooring they could find!

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