Saturday 4 May 2024

Shopping in Nantwich

We wanted to take advantage of access to our car to do some shopping in Nantwich, long been a favourite place of ours to visit whenever we pass his way. It was, however, mid morning before we set off.

We went directly to the car park near the centre of town where we believed that we could charge up the car's batteries. Although there is supposed to be another two points in Morrisons car park, online information apps indicated that they were faulty and, indeed, we later conformed this when we saw a less-than-official notice stuck on the front of the controls to say that it was out of order. It seemed not to be very recent.

However, the other point was working just fine and included one hour of car parking (whatever amount of charging was taken) In addition, it was set up for contactless car payments rather than having to download yet another app.

We then walked into the main shopping area only five minutes away. There was a selection of market stalls, although mostly of the trinket varieties. The biggest disappointment was to discover that the butcher' shop we have been to on many previous visits has recently closed down (cannot have been long ago as we spotted another couple from out of town who were equally disappointed)

Christine now opted to visit Joules, one of her tried-and-tested clothes outlets. When she later met up with Mike she was bearing a bag full with two new tops.

This shot - a locked door - seemed somewhat appropriate in the wake of the results of Thursday;s elections. (Please do not relocate this posting to the political section . . . Just satirical will do)

Meanwhile, Mike was despatched to see what he could find - always a dangerous move as he is very likely to find his shopping bags minutely scrutinised afterwards. He found an artisan bread stall in the outdoor market. (Our last experience of an artisan bread stall in Wolverhampton was not quite what we hoped, so let's see how this visit turns out) As well as two 'interesting' bread loves he also picked up a couple of cakes and a savoury focaccia.

Then into the indoor market with predominantly permanent stalls. Just inside was the Cheshire Pie Co when Mike fell for a couple of pork pies - traditional and a caramelised onion.

After meeting up again, we both tracked down a cheese shop (not, we think the one we have found before, perhaps it too has closed or moved) Still, we did come away with a selection of unusual varieties, including Nantwich Blue.

Back then to the car and we found that although our hour's free parking was almost over, it was only up to 86%. Enough for now so we decamped to Morrisons car park.

Shopping done we returned back to the boat where it was nearly lunch time, followed by an entirely effort-free (aka lazy) afternoon. We were, however, surprised by the number of passing boats but this spot must coincide with the turn-around arrangements for at least three or four hore bases within a couple of hours cruising.

We stayed put so that we can use the car tomorrow morning to go to a local church, possibly in Audlem, who knows?

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