Sunday 26 May 2024

Catch Up and Home

After a night in the marina we were (Wednesday) refreshed and ready to start organising the boat ready for its transfer into the painter's shed tomorrow (Thursday). The main task was to bring inside the boat the contents of all the lockers so that they can be accessed by the painters. This was also a chance to throw away some items that we really could not justify keeping any longer!

Late afternoon, Mike drove into Nantwich to charge the car back up to 100% ready for the journey home next day.

On Thursday morning we were awake early as we had been warned by the marina office to be ready by 9 am, although the painter had suggested 10:30, but would that be the time we had to cast off or when it would arrive at Willow Boats?

We transferred to the car what we needed to take home and finalised packing and removing items from shelves. By around 9:15 we were about as ready as we could be but no sign of life from the tractor! We continued to wait until eventually someone came from the office just after 10:45 to say that there had been an emergency call out (unspecified) which meant that the boat would not now be transferred until late afternoon. Realising that for us to stay that long was undesirable as we would be rather late returning home, they agreed to move the boat to the slipway for us when it was needed. We then set off back home, calling at Droitwich Lidl for a top up to the battery and to buy some lunch sandwiches.

Sadly we will not be posting any cruising stories for the next few weeks but if we have any update info before gettig the boat back, we will post here!

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