Monday 6 November 2023

Moving Mooring

Now that we have the estimate for the length of time to clear the Shortwood landslip, we can make further temporary arrangements for the boat. Alvechurch have been very supportive - they are now not only storing their own fleet for the winter but also a number for other places whose hire boats have not been able to make it home. At the outset they could only promise a couple of weeks. They could have stretched it a little but we needed to sort something for the duration.

Withybed Moorings is a small marina about half a mile away and they had just one space available, a month at a time. So, we have taken that, initially for a month and then we can see how CaRT are progressing and whether they have a clearer estimate for re-opening navigation.

We planned to  drive up on Thursday but were put off by the forecast conditions from Storm Ciaran. Driving on a motorway with lots of spray is not our idea of fun! Fortunately we could go on Friday instead and the drive up was actually quite pleasant.

We settled our account with Alvechurch and then Christine set off with the car, hoping to establish where we were to moor before Mike arrived. In the event, Mike did not take long and the marina person was down at the entrance to lift the footbridge when he arrived.

Everything went well and Mike even managed to reverse onto the mooring without touching the sides! (Not even the boat alongside) We did not have much to unload which was fortunate as it is quite a walk and the trolleys were all at the car park.

The journey home was uneventful - the first part was in pleasant weather but by the time we passed Swindon promised rain turned up and stayed with us for the rest of the journey.

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