Monday 23 October 2023

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 An update - might add a photo later

Later on Friday, after we had posted blog, it became apparent that the blockage is serious and not likely to be cleared quickly. Indeed, CaRT did not promise an update until after the weekend - still nothing on the Stoppage list (end Monday).

The location is quite remote with no nearby road access. just outside the south western tunnel portal. Unless a repair can be effected by boat (which we suspect is unlikely) then an access agreement with the adjacent landowner is going to be needed. If it is a major landslip and not just a tree fall, then it may well be necessary to re-stabilise the bank to make it safe.

We also understand that several other Droitwich Marina moorers are similarly held up. 

The staff at Alvechurch Marina have been incredibly supportive and we thank them for that. They have managed to find us a temporary mooring for the next two weeks which is most helpful as we have a number of items in the diary that do need attention - we had been planning to return home today or tomorrow before all this happened.

Yesterday we walked down to Alvechurch Parish Church for the 9.15 service. There were about 35 people there and it was a less formal 'family' service, even if the congregation was generally typical of its overall age profile! It was led by a lay worship leader and helped by a small music group, with use of slides projected on a screen (A new modernised AV system is about to be installed) Everyone was very welcoming and keen to make sure we stayed to have a cup of coffee - and a biscuit - afterwards.

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  1. Hi Mike and Christine, we were wondering how you were getting on. We were fortunate to gave got through the previous day - while the rain poured down on the top Tardebigge pound, we were passed by a Black Prince - it was they who (thank God!) had passed that point just a couple of minutes earlier and had been shocked by a great crack behind them! They reported it at once. Rumour has it Arthur Owl (the electric hire from the marina) had to reverse back to Alvechurch all the way ftom the tunnel - well done them! Best wishes