Sunday 17 September 2023


As yesterday's blog makes clear, we are not moving the boat for at least a few days. The weather forecast was for a dry, if dull, morning followed by heavy showers, maybe even a clap of thunder, before turning a little brighter later on. For once this prediction was fulfilled.

When we moored at Packet Boat Marina at the junction between the Slough Arm and the Main Line, we went to St Matthew's Church in Yiewsley, not then far down the towpath. We opted to return there this morning, if only to see how they have fared in the recovery from the intervening Covid shutdowns.

Too far to walk from the mooring (it takes 15 minutes just to get to the car park) so we needed the car. All was going well until we realised that the main gate was shut, we have not yet acquired a fob to open it and the office does not open until 11! The system used here, unlike some other we have encountered, needs a security fob to get out as well as in. Christine managed to persuade another helpful moorer, near to the car park end, to let us out. As so often, boaters do try to look after one another perhaps more than in other parts of society. 

The service was well attended, even if a significant proportion turn up well after the advertised start time! By the end, when the children had joined from their own activities, the church was comfortably full. Apart from one two people we recognised being 7 years older than when we last saw them, much was as we recalled. The music is a mixture of modern and more well establish songs/hymns and the liturgy is middle of the road modern. However, they now have an AV installation, inspired by the need during lockdown to offer services remotely and many poeple continue, especially mid week, to join in that way.

As we walked back to the car we popped into a local greengrocer for some strawberries tonight and then into the branch of Wilco which is sadly now only a few days away from closing for good. Christine did find a couple of gardening items to pick up at much reduced prices!

As we were walking back to our boat alongside the moorings, we chatted to the two mooers who helped us open the gate earlier. Turns out that one recognised our boat as he has recently started working for CaRT at Little Venice and supervises the mooring pontoons we used!

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