Wednesday 20 September 2023

We have a Plan

The day was very wet all the way through - at times it seemed as if we would have a month's rain for this time of year, all in one day.

Late morning we heard from RCR with a plan. The tow will begin at 8.30 on Friday morning and we are not expected to accompany it so we can go back home as soon as the boat is collected.

The boat will then be delivered to Watford where P and S will undertake the repair. The boat should be out of the water by the end of next week with time to order parts before the weekend. Since it was an 'out of the box' installation by our original builder, we are hopeful that parts should be reasonably easy to source.

Once they have been delivered it is not expected to be a lengthy job to fit the replacements and we are sort-of promised that the boat will be back in the water by the end of the following week. For now, we will formulate plans on that basis. Time, hopefully, for our Covid Booster. However, we may have to rearrange one or two dates as we will be on the move when we had previously planned a short break. 

Despite the rain we needed to go out to the CoOp in Iver for a few items of food, some for tonight. On return to the boat Mike filled up the water tank as it was now very low. On this mooring that not anything like as simple a task as it normally is, with another boat between us and the bank. Equally difficult is getting a full cassette onto the towpath, not helped that the two boats are not quite the same length. Hence we are tied so that we can cross the other stern fairly easily but it is much harder at the bow. That done, the rain decided on another blast so we opted to leave emptying the cassette until tomorrow morning and swap to the spare.


  1. You haven’t actually said what needs fixing. What damage did the tyre do?

  2. Once the boat has been inspected at Watford we will be able to be a bit more specific - at the moment we are relying on the RCR Rescue engineer's report, specifically advising us not to drive the boat until it has been fixed. The outcome also awaits final judgement from our insurers.