Thursday 21 September 2023

Preparing to Move

Our tow to Watford is scheduled to begin tomorrow at 8.30 so much of today was spent preparing for a speedy departure. Although we will only need to take a minimum back home with us the main category is the content of the fridge and freezer. That, of course, cannot be loaded into the car until the last moment but we have taken the ambient perishables, such as fruit and veg, back to the car. We also had plenty of library books to cover the three or four weeks away that we had planned! They are now loaded as well.

During the morning we had another call from RCR to say that P and S have confirmed that the initial lift will take place around 8 next Friday (29th) during which they will assess the situation and order parts accordingly. 

The boat will then go back into the water until the parts arrive when another lift will be needed to fit them. They are confident that we will have the boat back in good order by the following weekend.

Loading the car today involved two trips with a wheelbarrow but each was interrupted by various conversations with the residential moorers at this boatyard. They are a very friendly lot and so it is easy to succumb to chatting longer that perhaps we ought! But time is not pressing so we chat. A  number of the permanent boaters are now 'working from home' and there are various interesting occupations amongst them.

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