Saturday 23 April 2022

Swanley Bridge Marina

 Today's Canal - Llangollen

Today was to be mainly about preparing the boat to leave it for a few weeks whilst we return home. For Christine this meant a thorough clean and for Mike to collect the car from Droitwich Marina.

But first we had to go the final mile into the marina. We had a taxi booked for 10.30 so we set off promptly as we had to ask in the office to which mooring we had been allocated.

All went well and Mike had time to wait before the taxi arrived - a really friendly private hire taxi from Nantwich. He was dropped at the station where he was able to buy his ticket from a machine on the platform. At least it came up wit the same fare as we had obtained on-line!

The first train was just a single coach and was already nearly full when it arrived. By the time around 30 people waiting had boarded it was very tight and Mike was the last one on. At least it meant he was the first off when, only a short ride later, it arrived into Crewe.

After having a coffee and picking up a Meal Deal for lunch later on, he checked on the platform for the train to Smethwick Galton Bridge. After about half an hour wait it came in just a couple of minutes behind schedule. This would not normally have been of concern as the website always leaves plenty of time to change platforms. The offered schedule gave about 50 minutes wait but Mike spotted that if he moved swiftly (the other line to which he was changing is at a different level) he might just make an earlier connection. Fortune was on his side today as he still had two minutes before it arrived. There was even time to book a taxi from Droitwich station to the marina.

After collecting the car it was back to the motorway to drive up the M5 and then the M6. Although there was plenty of traffic about, no delays and Mike was back at the boat soon after three. 

We then finished off the packing up and loaded the greater part of what needed to go home into the car so that we could get away promptly in the morning.

Just realised that, despite Pip's chiding, we have not reported on Mad O'Rourke's pies that we had in Tipton. My fellow crew members were a bit sceptical when I first floated the possibility, but once they started on the pies there was no further doubt! Well worth it - Andrew walked to get them and, at least for him, it was not at all far to go and on the way he called at a supermarket for a dessert treat as well!

1.0 Miles - 0 Locks

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