Wednesday 20 April 2022


 Today's Canal - Shropshire Union

We awoke to a beautiful clear blue sky and we a noticeable warmth to the air.

Before leaving, Mike took a stroll around the basin to take a better picture of Taylors Boatyard.

On the way he noticed a line of graffiti that he had not seen elsewhere - Putin Finds Brexit. We must have missed it but it seems that this was a popular urban myth in 2020!

The Northgate Locks were a short distance away and another boat had just gone up so when we arrived Mike had to walk up the flight to adjust the levels before we could make a start with the boat.

All was going well until the boat was coming up into the middle lock. By this time the crew from a boat waiting to descend came to talk as well as a volunteer lockie coming on duty. In the distraction Mike forgot to work the paddles in the correct sequence so the whole flight took longer than it should have done. And then the lock keeper decided to bring the other boat down the first lock at the same time as we were coming up - but did not tell us. However, all was good humoured and we sorted it in the end without too much loss of water.

We promised a picture from the depths of the middle lock.

A view from near the top looking down to the railway line that crosses just below the  bottom lock. We stopped the nearby Cow Lane Bridge Visitor Moorings as, from here, it is just a couple of minutes to the main shopping area.

Christine wanted to visit M&S, Body Shop and elsewhere, so whilst she was doing this, Mike did the food re-stock at Tesco. After the goodies back to the boat he returned to Wilcos for various glues to repair several items - and other hardware items.

Eventually we managed to have lunch but Christine spotted that one of the loaves of bread from tesco was out of date so, before we could leave. Mike had to take it back - he also picked up the one item be had missed on Christine's earlier shopping list. (He obviously needs more practice!)

In the end it was only just after 2 when we set off - with another boat just passing us so an opportunity to share the work of the next five locks. The large Boughton Tower is part of  an important water treatment works and dominates this stretch of the canal.

We continued towards Waverton from the top of the flight - the demolition work has progress apace since we saw it yesterday! Soon after Egg Bridge we managed, after a few failed attempts, to find a mooring close to the bank. And we did have good piling to chain to.

4.6 Miles - 8 Locks

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