Thursday 26 May 2022

Back On Board

 After a longer spell at home than was originally planned, we are now back on the boat but still in the marina for tonight. Several things, including medical appointments and further work by out landscaper meat that the expected short return a couple of weeks back was now too short to be worth the three hour journey, especially as the car shuffle options would not be great.

We packed most things into the car last night so that we were actually on the road by nine this morning. One complication arose only last evening when Mike spotted that his GP surgery had made a mistake with the repeat prescription which he collected a couple of days ago. Too later then to do anything about it but as soon as the phones opened this morning Mike reported the problem and asked them to sort it asap. It would be late in the day before it could be collected today so they agreed to send the scrip to a pharmacy in Nantwich by later this morning!

As soon as we arrived at the boat we unloaded and had lunch - we had an appointment with the boat painter here who we had been talking to by phone during this last few weeks. It was also good to talk also with her mechanical engineer who does sand blasting, Both of them seemed to have a good hold on the issue that we have. We expect to use them for a full repaint of the above water cabin sides and roof. Sadly, their first slot is mid 2024! Good boat painters are scarce in in good demand tight now and we knew that it would be at least next year.

We then went into Nantwich - thankfully this time we could drive in as we had deliberately left food shopping until we got here, our diary was quite full since last Saturday. With some relief Mike was told that his prescription had arrived and would be ready in about 15 minutes. 

We also have a new lap top as the previous one was showing serious signs of its age. The replacement was another element, resulting from the longer stay at home. Otherwise we might have made it last a little longer even though it might expire 'in service'. Not planning it upgrade meant that Mike did not take the boat GPS home with us so could not test that part of the setting up the new machine - always  dreaded task as it never goes quite as smoothly as hoped, particularly when only newer versions of software are available which work slightly differently!

The first attempt to run everything on board did not go well but part of the problem was that the internet signal is very patchy in the marina - mobile signals are known to still be poor on much of the Llangollen. After trying putting our mobiles in different places on the boat we eventually succeeded and in 'celebration' Mike opted to write this blog rather than make it part of tomorrow's. 

We are now rather pleased that we already asked the marina if we could stay overnight - need a but of recovery time before tackling Grindley Brook.

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