Saturday 25 September 2021

In Birmingham

Mike had a Zoom meeting - the very last of his duties with the Diocese of Truro. It has been a long association with some interesting times along the way. Hearing what his successors are doing was quite cheering in that there is still much of what he did still in place.

This lasted until 2:30 - there was a short lunch break, thankfully.

We then walked into the city centre shopping district, mostly New Street. 

In one of the open areas a group of performers were animating a large puppet. We are not sure but it may have been taking part in the large Pride Parade which took place around midday. 

Christine had plans to visit three shops - the first was Body Shop where she a discount offer that she wanted to use before it expires! Then on to Cotswold but none of the warm jackets they socked at the moment seemed to fit the bill.

We eventually found Marks and Spencer (John Lewis, despite the direction signs claiming to the contrary, is no longer represented in Birmingham city centre) where found a smart, very cheerful striped cashmere jumper but was put off by the price (well, it was a really good quality item!) So she opted to leave it on the rack. 

We set off back but then went back to the Food Hall to pick up a few items to make a 'super' pizza for tonight. 

As we set off back, it became clear to Mike that Christine was still rather attracted to the jumper so, after a lot of arm twisting, we turned around and went back. Even then, he had to offer to queue up to pay for it so that she did not sneak away!

On the way back we had a chance to take a closer lo ok at this Luke Perry sculpture Forward Together about the many different men and women who have played their parts in the history of  the area. The city council's web site tells us that it includes quotes from Benjamin Zephaniah’s poem We Refugees – “No one is here without a struggle” and “We all came here from somewhere.”

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