Sunday 14 October 2018

Back to Fazeley Mill

We were not able to get away from Wadebridge until almost 1 o'clock but we did pack most things into the car last night. The longest delay (almost the only one) was at the road works traffic lights in Bodmin. After filling the fuel tank at Asda we were able to really start on the long ride. Apart from the first hour up to Exeter where we join the motorway, the rest of the journey was on the M5 until about six miles from the marina. There were some speed restrictions in two or three places but no actual stoppages. We arrived at the marina just after five o'clock.

The car was unloaded very quickly and Christine had the fire lit even before Mike had brought the first items down the pontoon! At least here they have long pontoons and we were able to load the boxes through the side hatch as we moored the right way around (not, admittedly, deliberately!)

For once we returned to the boat with no new problems that we could see . . . hope this bodes well so fingers crossed.

We will not be able to leave until the middle of the day tomorrow as Mike is taking the car down to Droitwich where Andrew, who is joining us on this trip, will pick him up and return to the boat.

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