Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Today's Navigation - Middle Level

Mike made a quick foray to Morrisons. Apart from a couple of larder items, we wanted to put into stock a large bottle of drinking water. Last night we had a fright. Just as we were sitting down to dinner and filling a glass of water (to of with the glass of wine, we hasten to add lest anyone get the wrong idea!) and found that there was no cold water coming from either tap. Shortky afterwards, even the hot water gave up.

After finishing our meal we tried to investigate. The water pump manual did indicate that the filter should be checked regularly and we have not done that but there was very little dirt in it anyway. We tried all the usual things such as turning of the power supply and back on again but nothing would persuade the pump to operate. We tried ringing RCR but they did nit really have much to offer.

At least we could pop the boat across to the opposite side of the water to fill up (and do the usual disposals at the same time). We also filled every pan, kettle and container we could find just so that we could have a minor wash and cups of tea or coffee. At last we were within reach of a water supply.

We then re-moored and a little while later, suddenly the water re-appeared in the taps. Relief! But we do ant to know why. There is a tiny mention in the manual about an over-temperature cut-out so it may be that with the weather being so hot it had tripped and then, with the boat in the shade and the sun going down, it cooled enough to re-start. At least the manual does say that re-starting is automatic. We really will have to try and find out more - perhapsthe manufacturer can help as the information in the user manual is rather scant.

Back to today - after the shopping trip we set off. We really were not sure at this stage where we would end up. The main immediate constraint is that we are booked to pass through Stanground Lock at 9 am tomorrow. There is a short but popular mooring at Whittlesey, just above Ashline Lock but then nothing before Stanground which only has the lock landing. When we booked the passage the lock keeper was a but vague about what we should do!

Progress through the water today felt as if it was a lot slower than when we first arrived here back in late May. Initially there was not an undue amount of weed but we did suspect that the water level was probably about 150 - 200 mm lower. This picture of a boat tied up tightly and looking as if has not been checked recently, indicates what can happen if this is the case.

Much of today's run is very straight and mostly wide as in the above picture. Where the landscape was open we generally had a useful cooling breeze although when sheltered we did somewhat feel the heat.

Apart from one or two places where there are small groups of houses, most of the farms and other homes are very much apart with flat arable land in between. At least the occupants can see when their neighbours are approaching!

As we came closer to Floods Ferry, the amount of floating weed increased and all but covered the width of the navigation other than where we had cut through it.

At Angle Corner we could see the Twenty Foot River off to our right - is is where nb Jubilee, that we met up with yesterday, ventured a day or two ago. We were not tempted to see if Alchemy would fit under this bridge, especially as they reported excessive weed growth further on.

The railway bridge, close to Whittlesey Station, showed that we were almost at Ashline Lock. It was empty with the bottom gates open - a boat had passed us not long earlier. As we started to fill a boat arrived above and then one below. However, we could not reset to allow the boat below to join us as the lock is only just over 12ft in width so can only take one at a time. At least we did not have to reset the lock, leaving it to the others to use.

Mike had suspected that we might have collected some weed around the prop so we pulled onto the top lock landing in order to check. No weed but a large plastic bag! This certainly would have slowed us down somewhat but this is unusual around here and the first time down the weed hatch in over a month of cruising.

At first we thought that the Whittlesey Mooring was full - two lots of doubled up boats were already there but there was about a quarter of a boat length left and a reasonable bank. At this point we quickly decided to stay here the rest of the day and overnight even though it will mean a comparatively early start tomorrow as Stanground is over 90 minutes away.

The rest of the afternoon saw almost no activity whatsoever!

10.9 Miles - 1 Lock

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