Friday, 27 July 2018

Ashton Carr Moorings

Today's Navigation - River Nene

We opted for another early stat as the forecast for the temperatures in the middle of the day were well into the 30's. We left as quietly as we could but our pontoon sharers were already well awake.

Just under the railway bridge and we had a good view of a traditional signal box, a reminder of the age of steam railways.

As we passed Stibbington Hall we again noticed the obelisk close to the river bank. We have not yet found out anything about this memorial except that Pevsner makes positive  comments about Stibbington Hall an also that funerary monuments were quite a fashion with houses of its period. If anyone knows more, please add a comment.

A short  distance further and we passed the large water intake works followed by the wire crossing. Not only have we not discovered its purpose but we also noticed another puzzle.There are two of these features either side of the wire crossing with no immediately obvious use. Comments?

Just after Yarwell Lock we were not far from Sibson Aerodrome and spotted four parachutists making a descent.

We had not heard or seen the plane that took them aloft but a little later did see this one taking off.

At Elton Lock this former mill building  stands unloved and largely derelict. Most of the other similar buildings - quite a few of the locks on this part of the river were built alongside similar early mills - but we wondered why this one has not yet found a new life.

Three of the locks today - there are six altogether - have still not been mechanised and operating this large wheel in this heat tales a degree of commitment!

We had a good view of Fotheringhay Church from this direction - coming downstream it appears only just before the bridge.

Below Ashton Lock a new-ish weir and sluice has been built - it was not on our rather ancient Imray River Nene guide.

Although it was still only just after three o'clock, we were successfully tempted by the new and extensive FOTRN mooring just above Ashton Lock. It was by now very hot, the lock was manual wheel operated and we felt in need of a rest! We were most surprised not only to find the mooring entirely empty but also that no-one joined us later on.

This was where our existing schedule indicated that we would be by this evening. However, earlier in the afternoon we had decided to change our mooring destination for the end of this trip. We would like to investigate the option of solar panels and Northamption Maria is not suitable for that. The person we have been recommended is near Gayton Junction so we have now booked a slot at the ABC marina near to the junction. This will, however, mean booking a taxi for the start of the car shuffle. It also means that we have an extra half day of cruising to as enc the  Rothersthorpe flight of locks - the marina is near the top lock.

A thunderstorm was forecast for three but it was nearer four by the time it arrived along with a shirt heavy rain storm. More rain came later in the afternoon, early evening - look RAIN! Still hot but at least 7 degrees down on the cabin temperature a couple of hours earlier.

14.4 Miles - 7 Locks

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