Sunday 14 April 2024


First today we went to St Peter's Church in Droitwich for their 9.30 morning service, well led by two lay people. There were around 40 people in the congregation - we recognised some from previous visits, although we have not been since COVID. (How long will we go on dating things by reference to a viral infection?) One or two even recognised that we had been before.

Before returning to the boat we visited Waitrose for a few more larder items. Still no new mop head!

We expected no great progress today and indeed there was none. It would have been a good day for cruising albeit a bit breezier than the days before.

Mainly a few chores filled the time as well as preparing the evening meal - as usual a roast, this time the final part of a large gammon joint we bought a while back and have kept in our home freezer until now.

What will tomorrow bring? I cannot get more exciting than today . . . 

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