Monday 15 April 2024

A Little Progress

We managed a number of small 'jobs' during the day whilst otherwise still waiting and trying not to be too frustrated. Mike went down to the main gate for 8 am and sat in the car just in case the delivery arrived before the office was open. In fact boats were being pulled out of the water or returned to it for blacking work so someone was around from very early. By the time the office was actually staffed, nothing had arrived and Mike returned to the boat for a welcome mug of coffee!

At times, forecast rain did arrive and was particularly heavy. Much of the day, however, was very bright and blue sky, but a very strong wind made life a bit uncomfortable when out so perhaps it was as well we were not able to cruise today.

Kindling was chopped and a stern locker emptied, unwanted paint times disposed of and rather a lot of rain water removed and everything dried out before being re-stowed. We have to empty all the lockers when the boat is painted so it seemed useful to make sure that the contents were all still wanted!

After lunch, Christine drove into town again for a little shopping! Mike had the much more interesting task of emptying the elsan!

Eventually the delivery did arrive but by that time it was too late for a start on fitting the heater back in place. Wr agreed an early start on it tomorrow! Hopefully, tomorrow's blog will have some photos.

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