Wednesday 8 March 2023

The Commandery

Today's Canal - Worcester and Birmingham

When we awoke we found that the promised (threatened?) snow/sleet had well and truly arrived although not in sufficient quantity to settle.

Before we set off, Mike popped across to Asda for a few items. As he crossed the footbridge over the canal he spotted three supermarket trolleys in the water. We did not notice them yesterday - they are not easy to miss- so he reported them at the Asda customer service desk. Both the lass on duty and a maintenance/security person she summoned for help, made it clear that they could not do anything  about. H&S reigns supreme. However, they did acknowledge that Asda, if not them individually, did have a responsibility and they would endeavour to ensure something happens. We shall see! They did accept that if a boater sued the company for damage to a boat they might find it more expensive than doing something.

By about 10.30 we wrapped up well and set off (well Mike did, leaving Christine snug inside until the first lock!) On the way down to the lock, we passed a CaRT gang braving the elements to continue laying bricks as part of on-going towpath improvement. Why only a short section is laid to bricks whilst all the rest is tarmac was not obvious. Since they were not laying any mortar and it was not vehicle bearing they were content to crack on.

We dropped down both locks - the second one only had a single bottom paddle operational but that is also subject to a stoppage notice for it to be fixed later in the month.

At the moorings in Diglis we turned the boat around. There is not a lot of room at the best of times and all was going well until we were nearly around. But then a strong blast of snowy wind arrived and almost sent us into the boats to one side. Luckily we just avoided a collision and came into the service mooring. 

We were surprised to see that the whole length from Bridge 3 to the basin has been marked '2 hours only' - even right in front of Blue Signs stating that some places are for water point only - 30 mins max! It would be interesting to know what evidence of the need for this has been put forward and whether, as in Birmingham, there has been any consultation. From our observations, admittedly mostly not in the high season, it has not appeared to be a problem and today we had the entire length to ourselves!

The tap was rather slow - welcome today as it gave a chance for fingers to thaw out. We could have gone just a very short distance to 2 day moorings the other side of the bridge but felt that it might be a bit noisy next to a main road. So we popped up the first lock to the next 2 day  mooring (with bollards) alongside the Commandery, noticeably quieter and, again, all to ourselves. After lunch the precipitation continued - the forecast is for it to stay with us off and on all day and into tomorrow so we had no difficulty in reaching a decision - to stay put.

0.8 Mile - 3 Locks


  1. I recommend the TrolleyWise app for reporting supermarket trolleys.

    1. Thanks - I'll look at that next time! On this occasion I was on my way to the supermarket anyway.