Friday 31 March 2023

Back to the boat

We travelled across from home this morning but continuous rain made loading the car a bit tedious. It was just after 10:30 by the time we left.

A diversion to Currys PC World in Swindon was added to the itinerary - just for a small item which would not have been with making the journey on its own. Christine also wanted to call at Boots on the same estate for a similar reason.

Spray, speed restrictions and poor driving by one or two lorry drivers meant that we were not at the marina until 1 o'clock, not as relaxed as we might hope. Unloading the car and setting up the boat also had to be done in rain.

It was quite late in the afternoon before we managed to get into town for the planned food shop - easier than stowing into the car and a day fresher - it would have come from Morrisons in either case. 

The reported conditions on the Severn do not look favourable but we will wait and see in the morning, b ut at least we are on our way!

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