Sunday 8 August 2021


 Today's Navigation - Wey

We were slow getting up this morning and it was nearly 11 by the time we  untied our mooring ropes - surprised to discover that the passing boats had pulled out the front pins - as the ground is soft along here we had used two crossed pins but to no avail. Fortunately, our boat had not moved away from the bank at all!

There had been plenty of rain overnight but,despite the forecast of heavy rain all day, it turned out mostly dry.

There was a boat tied up close to the lock landing, but not actually on it. We asked if they were waiting to go in but the replied that they were stuck there as the river was in flood and closed to navigation!

Our first tasks in any case had been to empty elsans and to fill up with water, both of which are alongside the lock. We were able to do this by taking the boat into the lock but not actually filling it - it is not a deep lock. (OK, so the photo was taken later in the day when a boat that moors just above the lock had gone through)

Once the tasks were complete we reversed out, not quite to where we were before, but where we could tie to wooden bollards - safer!

The office at Thames Lock directed us to the Wey Navigation website where updates on conditions would be posted through the day. They also gave us an extra day on our licence.  Although the higher parts of the navigations were cleared of the stoppage by mid afternoon, where we are remains closed.

Several hire boats are now moored below the lock but with the hirers advised to collect their cars and return home!

0.25 Miles - 0.5 Locks

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