Saturday 27 July 2019


Today's Canal - Trent and Mersey

What a change in the weather! It has been wet all day, although fortunately only minor drizzle early morning. Not as energetic as the last two days, but we were still away just after 8 as we wanted to meet with an engineer before 12.

Just after we set off we passed a moored up work boat - hope that it is more successful than its political namesake!

We were slow passing through the first lock as a boat had slipped its mooring just ahead of us but was waiting in the lock with the top gate open as we pulled onto the lock landing. The steerer came back to explain that there was a cygnet in the lock and they did not want to empty it until it had left!

They were unimpressed with our lack of concern (we felt that the cygnet, being watched by a parent, would know what to do) and proceeded to try and tempt it out by feeding it copiously. This seemed to convince the cygnet even more to stay put! The eventually started on the descent but with a lot of bow thruster usage to keep the boat away from the cygnet.

Several of the collars on the bottom gates of these locks seemed unusually slack with the result that, combined with a distinct slope to the gate, meant that they swung open with an alarming rattle.

We found just enough room on the 24 hour mooring beside the shoppers car park and Christine went off to visit the bakery - seems that we have done this before.

We resumed the last part of this tip down to the marina. We already knew where we were placed so reversed straight onto the pontoon and tied up. Mike immediately went to speak with the engineer and made arrangements for a 750 hour service whilst we are away. Christine then went to pay our mooring dues whilst Mike hooked up to the electricity.

By now the rain had intensified and it was less than cool. As a result we were quite content to while away time inside looking out"!

3.5 Miles - 5 Locks

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