Sunday 11 March 2018

Doing Very Little

The rest of the blog for this trip is likely to be boring - you have been warned! With the snow and ice as well as Mike's conference call meeting out of the way, there was not a lot of time left! In any case, we had already opted to buy tickets for Saturday night and, if we are to get home on Tuesday, Monday needs to be a day of washing, cleaning and sorting the boat out.

We went to St Peter's church again - see last week for a photo - and this time it was led by the vicar who, alas had to leave right at the end so there was no chance to meet him. However, we did spend time over coffee chatting with a few members of the congregation especially those who know parts of Cornwall. It seems that almost wherever you go there is someone who has spent their childhood, or even adult, holidays frequently in the same place in Cornwall!

After picking up some more milk from Morrisons we returned to the boat and time for lunch. By now rain had arrived and the afternoon was largely wet until almost sunset. The pot roast recipe that Christine had proposed for tonight takes a long time. It really should not have to be supervised most of that time but we are still a little unsure of how to control our oven and hob when trying something new so we kept a fairly close eye on it.

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