Thursday, 27 July 2017

Slough and Back

Today we were joined by grand daughter Alice. Mike caught the 7.37 fast train to Kings Cross in London, then by underground to Paddington where he caught a train out to Slough.

After a quick trip to the nearby Tesco for a sandwich, and then a cup of coffee in the sunshine outside the station, it was time to meet up with Adrian who had brought Alice the short journey from home.

We were fortunate to catch a train ten minutes earlier than planned as the next one was running late and also really needed the extra quarter of an hour (it was a faster train anyway) so that we could pick up some food for Alice's lunch as we passed through Paddington.

Back across to Kings Cross and we had a few minutes to wait until the platform was announced for the departure of our train back to Selby. After all the others being on time it was just a shame that this one broke the pattern as it was held up for about 12 minutes just before Retford. The train manager did not find out why so it will have to remain one of life's unexplained mysteries!

We were however fortunate that the weather was bright as we walked the ten minutes back to the boat - Christine earlier had been caught in a shower as she walked into town to call at Morrisons for a few items. She also chatted to the lock keeper and he has now decided that the river conditions are such that we are best to leave at 10:15 in the morning.

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