Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Selby - and weed

Today's Canal - Selby

The forecast for this morning was for rain but it was only a light drizzle when we set off. We had also had dire warning from other boaters about the weed on this canal but at Haddlesey there was not too much to be seen.

At several points along this canal there are narrows such as this on shortly after the start. As far as we can find out, they are drainage culverts which pass under the canal.

The weed did indeed become more extensive - the flow is from the Aire down to the Ouse and this carries the surface weed towards Selby. Half way and we were making a channel down the middle. Nevertheless this did not slow us down noticeably.

The rain gradually increased and photos are fairly grey. The canal is pleasant and, at this time of the year, very green. On the other hand, there are not many landmark features - apart from bridges, including the West Coast Main Line railway.

By the time we passed Selby Boat Centre, on the outskirts of the town, the weed closed up almost as soon as we passed through.

We moored initially just before the swing bridge - it was now raining very heavily and we could not directly see whether there was room to moor in the basin above the lock.

Mike walked down and spotted that the lock keeper was in his hut but the lock so he went and booked passage for Friday - saved making a phone call later on.

We later moved down into the basin as at this stage only one other boat was moored there. First, however we went onto the services mooring to fill with water and make the usual disposals. Mike also took the opportunity of being bow-on to a wall to adjust the chains holding the bow fender. The actual fender had gradually slumped so that it was only just doing its job. The firm edge meant that Christine could hold the fender by rope whilst Mike worked on the chains.

A weed collector boat was working in the basin. It unloaded in the lock chamber which was then flushed out at intervals. Despite the best efforts of the boat operator, the surface remained resolutely green. Later, the wind pushed some of it to one side.

In the afternoon we walked into town, mainly to check out the route to the station as Mike will be catching an early train to London tomorrow, but also to pick up a paper. By now it was sunny and pleasant so we sat for a little while by the market cross outside the Abbey.

The supermarkets are not easily reached from the canal so Christine wandered back to the boat whilst Mike headed off to Morrisons where he loaded up his rucksack with a range of items, including something for pud tonight, before he too found his way back to the canal.

After that it was a rest period - more especially as very heavy rained returned. Only much later as evening arrived did it dry out and a limited amount of blue sky could just be spotted. A line of very tall trees obscured the satellite tv direction so it will have to be radio and reading tonight.

5.2 Miles - 0 Locks

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