Friday 30 June 2017

Blue Water

Today's Canal - Stainforth and Keadby

We only had a very short distance to go to the marina where we will be leaving the boat for the next three weeks whilst we are back home. Before setting off we made use of the adjacent service facilities and then tackled the infamous footbridge.

This time, it worked perfectly for Christine on opening but was less cooperative when coming to close it again. Locals take great delight (if they are not too upset at the delay) in telling boaters how to work it!

Then it was around the corner slowly - Christine wanted to send an email to BCF about the origins of Alchemy's name - and then we turned into the marina. We already knew where we were to moor - very close to where our car was parked.

After loading up the car and final cleaning, it was time for the office to open. Sarah was as friendly and helpful as we recalled and sorted out out electrical hookup and also arrangements for various things to be done whilst we are away. We have now done over 300 hours and so a 250 hour service is due. Thorne Boat Services are booked to do that.

Eventually it was time to hit the road. As this was a summer Friday, afternoon by the time we reached the busiest parts - it was well over an hour longer than expected before we reached home but there were no specific incidents, just volume of traffic.

0.7 Miles - 0 Locks

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