Monday 17 April 2017


Today's Canal - Trent and Mersey

We only had a short run this morning to reach Mercia Marina,. where we will be leaving the boat for the next month whilst we return home. It was again very grey and rather cold.

We passed three bridges that appeared to have had recent vehicle strikes, in some cases leaving the bridge structure looking somewhat precarious.

Only one lock today - Stenson Lock but one of the deepest on the system. Also being a wide lock it needs care to  operate and often there are lock keepers on duty but today we were on our own - apart from a number of onlookers, either walkers (two of whom asked about how the lock works) or having refreshments at the former lock house.

A little later and we arrived at the entrance to the marina. Christine collected a plan of the marina (it is quite complicated to navigate if not familiar!) and we found our way around to Redshank where we tied up.

Mike was ordered by Christine to clean the roof - or no lunch! In the process he discovered that the sponge was better than the scrubbing brush, to his surprise. The surface is a non-slip one so is a bit harder to clean than the smooth surfaces.

After lunch, Mike and Andrew set off by car to return to Foxton where Andrew had left his car. On the way they both needed to visit a supermarket for a small food top-up. They found Morrisons in Lutterworth, quite closer to the exit from the motorway. Mike then drove back to the marina where Christine had been cleaning (making good use of her new Dyson) and packing ready to make the journey home tomorrow morning.

4.9 miles - 1 lock

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