Monday, 10 April 2017


Today's Canal - Grand Union Leicester Branch

The forecast was for a much colder day and, although it was bright at first, it was definitely cold and by the time we actually set off clouds covered much of the blue until the middle of the afternoon.



Whilst he was here, Phil also did one or two of the snagging items but also checked out what was needed for others. These will then be done whilst we leave the boat at Mercia at the end of this trip.

It was not until around 3:30 that we were able finally to set off once more with an ETA at Foxton of around 7pm. A very large new marina is under construction at North Kilworth. It seems as if it will have three separate sections and a large central unit.

Shortly after we passed though Husbands Bosworth tunnel - if you magnify the photo enough you can see that one end is visible from the other.

It was a pleasant run, even though at times we had difficulties from a lack of depth to the main channel. Half way and we had contact from Andrew and after a few exchanges of texts agreed to meet him at Foxton - we arrived quite a bit earlier than we had estimated. We then moored just above the locks ready to go down as soon as ;possible in the morning although there is one boat moored even closer.

10.6 miles - 2 locks

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