Tuesday 11 June 2024

Ashing at Caen Hill

Whilst walking down the Caen Hill flight this afternoon, I chatted to several members of CaRT staff who, as usual, were both helpful and friendly as well as being well informed.

In the process I learnt that this year the team were experimenting with ashing three of the locks in the flight in an effort to mitigate the effects of water losses through leaky gates. I was fortunate to be able to witness this action with one of the locks.

The photos show the before and after situations - it is clear that the losses through the centre mitre were all but eliminated. Even more astonishing (although many years ago I had seen this once before) was the speed at which this happened. It was almost instantaneous - well, at least within just a small number of seconds. The cessation quickly worked its way down the mitre as the ash (from Avon Valley Steam Line) was being poured.

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